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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ain't nobody gettin' into my garbage

When I first arrived in Stockholm, bleary eyed from 16 hours of travel, I received my lease and keys from the International Coordinator. I stumbled over to our residence, all of 100m away from the school building, where I used one of my three keys to gain access to the front door. The same key can also be used for one of the elevators, the door to my hallway, and my room. Fairly straightforward. And then I was introduced to the world of codes...

We're big, we're blond, and dammit, we're secure.

In lieu of using my key for the exterior door, I can also use a code. There are other codes for the second elevator and the garbage room. So, in order to gain access to the garbage room, I exit my room (key), exit the hallway (key), descend through the elevator (code), exit through another door (key) and enter the garbage room (code). And it seems that they are procreating - on February 8th, all of the codes change and the elevator code is different for going up and going down. Good thing my schoolwork isn't very mentally taxing so I have the energy to remember all of these numbers...

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