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Friday, June 08, 2007

Triumphant return, no. 1

Although blogging has been light lately, that doesn't mean we've been lazy. On the contrary, we've busied ourselves to the point of exhaustion. It would make a long story--and those who phone us once we're back in Canada in a few weeks can get all the juicy details--but since pictures are sometimes worth, if not 1,000 words, at least more than one of them, I've posted all of our pictures from France on our Flickr account. If you're interested, you can click through directly in order to view our Strasbourg photos as a slideshow. (Other posts will follow with links to other photos...)

Strasbourg is even more charming and lovely than I remember, which is saying something. For those who have never been to Strasbourg, the city looks a bit like this:
20070607 Trip to Strasbourg-002
No kidding. It really is this charming.

And there's a bit of this:
20070607 Trip to Strasbourg-091

And this:
20070607 Trip to Strasbourg-097
No, I won't stop. It really is unutterably lovely.

And of course, one shouldn't neglect to mention the cathedral. Strasbourg's cathedral, interestingly enough, was the first building to be identified as "gothic." Goethe more or less introduced "gothic" as an architectural term in 1773.
20070607 Trip to Strasbourg-009
Eat your heart out, Paris.

Again, you can view all our Strasbourg photos as a slideshow. If you'd rather consume the images according to your own lights, they're all of them posted on our Flickr account.

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