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Monday, July 09, 2007

Separate ways

Greetings from our fair city of Montréal! As H noted in her last post, we've returned from our half-year adventure across the pond. We enjoyed the fika, the wine, and the tramwejs, but really, we're very glad to be home at last.
20070703 Arte Java
First things first: the best latte / mocha in the world, courtesy of Caffé Art Java.

H didn't get to enjoy Montréal too long, though. Just this past Friday, she zipped up to Trois Pistoles in order to begin her now second annual five-week French immersion course. The good news: it's really heartening to spend part of one's summer on something both fun and edifying. The really good news: the Canadian government will be picking up the tab. Did I mention that finding really incredible bargains is one of H's secret superpowers?

As for me, I was planning to take a French immersion class at McGill, but after taking the placement test I was informed that my level was "too high." Um, d'ya think maybe it's that the levels of your courses are "too low?" So now I'm surveying the rather vast possibilities of how to spend my time productively. I'm sure I'll come up with something... For the moment, I'm just organizing the house after our move-in and enjoying the city.
20070705 Montrel Cathedrale-4
Surrounding skyscrapers reflect the spire of lovely Christ Church Cathedral.

More to follow...

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