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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Maple syrup nation

Being somewhat more travel-prone than your average bloggers, we TruffleWarreners absolutely love maps.
Carte Montréal 1843
Old maps of Montréal.

Acupuncture Maps
Taoist maps of the human body.

Map of Online Communities
Silly maps of the internet.

Give us an adjective, we've got a map to match. Try us. We dare you. And if you think we aren't ready for you, just chew on this: we've even got a maple syrup map. Well, actually it's a food traditions map, but, well... just look for yourself:
NA Place-Based Food Traditions Map
The maple syrup nation self-evidently has a manifest destiny to engulf the continent.

In all honesty, I had never really thought of maple syrup as the basis of a food culture. H assures me that it is--but then, H argues with some earnest that maple syrup qualifies as its own food group. Moi, je suis sceptique. After all, the same authority from which we're deriving the very concept of the maple syrup nation also indicates the existence of a clambake nation and a pinyon nut nation. So count me skeptical... but tickled.


Christy said...

This is the stupidest thing I ever heard of. Maple syrup is not a flipping food group. Its a condiment for pancakes and french toast. The tree it is extracted from probably has more nutritional value than this syrup.

Anonymous said...

Maple syrup actually has considerable nutritional value: http://www.uri.edu/news/releases/?id=5256