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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

This building has a nickname

Our apologies for the lack of steady posting recently. H has been finishing up her final papers/ exams, and I've been working on several projects--all of which seem to have had deadlines this week. Not to mention the fact that we leave for Barcelona (yay!) at 3:20 AM this morning (nay...). It's been a rough week.

So anyways, H and I visited Sweden's second largest city, Göteborg (pronounced something like, "Yuh-tuh-borrg"), the first weekend in March. We absolutely loved it, and we'll have more material forthcoming about the trip. Before rushing off to the Mediterranean, though, I wanted to get at least something up about it.

Among all of Göteborg's iconic buildings--and the city boasts quite a number of them--there's one which has one of the best nicknames for any building of which I've heard.

It's the... um... wait a minute. The, uh... "Redroof Dalek" building?

No, dah-link. It's not the "Redroof Dalek" building. Nor is it the "Edna Mode" building. But those are good guesses.

What if H and her rosebud lips help us with a little... context (as it were)?

Yup. It's the "läppstift" building.

Just one question. So at what point, when the design committee was looking at the concept drawings for this project, did someone not say, "I don't care what you say, Jurgen. It still looks lipstick to me?"

UPDATE (2 April 2007): We've pretty much finished our posting about Göteborg. Check in the archives for posts in the 1-7 March 2007 range.

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