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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Why "Truffle Warren?"

Some of our dearest readers have asked us, quite understandably I think, "Of all the possible combinations of words out there, why in particular did you choose to entitle your blog, The Truffle Warren?" An excellent question, to which we have decided to reply by way of a coquettish smirk and the mildly infuriating answer: "Guess!"

Blog authors can't divulge all of their secrets--or at least, not right away...


HP (Leli) said...

Warren = (as in Buffet) someone famous HLMP met
Truffle = reference to someone famous JP may have met (I have no idea who though)

Al Dawg said...

I just naturally figured that there was some correlation to the print "Chocolat Truffle" by Shari Warren. Am I wrong?