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Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday ritual found

J and I like doing something together on Friday. In Boston, we found our "Gateway to the Weekend" at Baptiste Yoga, and in Montréal we started celebrating Shabbat together. While we now both treasure our Shabbat dinners together, we also found that we missed getting out and about together on Fridays. Enter Carla and her café:

The first bite of the blueberry pie is free, but trust me, you'll come back for more...

We found Carla's Café (Surbrunnsgatan 37) on our way home from paying February's rent, and have been back every week since. The chalkboard outside tells you what's on tap for the day, and the meal is always followed by coffee and, for J and me, a nice long chat. We're not quite sure what the key to our affection is, the tasty fare (chicken breast with avocado pesto and sundried tomato on a bed of couscous salad is one of our current faves) or the warm atmosphere that Carla has created.

We also like the fact that Carla lets us behind the counter if we ask really nicely.

We'll be visiting Gothenburg this Friday, but we'll be with Carla in spirit, since she's made some restaurant recommendations for us. But maybe we'll need to break with tradition and visit Carla earlier in the week...

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