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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Time-travel updates

J has been writing a lot of pre-dated material recently, since we want this blog to serve not only as an entertaining update for our readers, but as a record of our adventures for ourselves. We therefore attempt to date our posts not according to when we write them, but according to when the subject matter happened. For much of our material, of course, it doesn't much matter, but for some it does.

So you don't miss a single exciting word, we've prepared a little summary of the pre-dated material that J's been working on. Organized in chronological order:

(1) During January, J attended the wedding of a college roommate in Long Beach, CA. There, he amused himself photographing the real bearded Santas who had gathered for a convention.

(2) You may remember that upon his arrival, J bestowed upon Sweden a prestigious award for the Most Apt Method for Dispensing Soap--a method perhaps better known as "soap dispenser as teat." We now have a photo of this breakthrough Swedish soap delivery system.

(3) During the first weekend in February, H & J went on an overnight Swedish booze cruise. Surreal? If you have to ask, you obviously haven't read about what happened to us.

(4) On Valentine's Day, H & J attended a dinner at the Stockholm Stadshuset (City Hall), hosted by the Mayor of Stockholm. We learned more than we expected about the state of the art in Swedish livestock management.

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TreeHouse said...

Hey Jonathan, Hey Heather
Just found your blog. Great writing and a very amusing post about our booze-cruise :-)

Al-Dawg said...

Nothing says romance like a Valentine's Dinner at City Hall. Jon, Cassanova has nothing on you.