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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Get the Truffle Warren by email

Dear Careful Readers,

You may have noticed--if you've been regular visitors--that our blog has taken on a life of its own and has therefore started to evolve. One change to which I'd like to draw your attention is the addition of a weekly mailing list sign-up, located over on the right-hand sidebar. If you enter your email address, you'll get a weekly (more or less) update of the Truffle Warren... a weekly update as in no more than once every seven days, and nothing but the stubs (approximately the first 750 characters) of all our latest posts.

H jumps for joy upon hearing about our first subscriber.

We promise no junk, no ads, and no lame posts! Nothing but good, clean English prose, original photographs, and links to curious places on the internet. And you can unsubscribe anytime.

Please join our first subscriber (thanks, Mom!) in hearing all about our wacky adventures, delivered in our own inimitable style. We promise to visit many exotic places, meet interesting people, take amateur photographs, and blog about the whole glorious mess of it.

1 comment:

Anne Sophie said...

hello funny people,
I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your blog. It is great to see you are having such a fun time in Stokholm. Your French colleagues seem to be hilarous, great link by the way ( with the parisian attitudes). I think we need an update on J's progress with his thesis, because he seems to be spending more time blogging than studying.
All is well in Melbourne, if only we could stay here forever! here is the link to our blog in case you don't have it http://melbourneidentity.blogspot.com/
I hope to see you when we are back in Montreal. Take care