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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Danish wedding traditions

H and I spent some time in Copenhagen, Denmark over Easter weekend. It was, understandably, a rather quiet visit. While there, I met with a new professional contact, UE. We got on well enough that U was kind enough to invite H and me to the reception for his impending wedding in Århus, Denmark. Danish wedding traditions being what they are, we're extremely excited. For example:

Adding to the interest of mealtime are the kissing traditions. Whenever the groom leaves the room, all the men in the room rush over and queue up to kiss the bride. Whenever the bride leaves the room, all the women rush over to kiss the groom. The use of tongue is discouraged.
The wedding we're attending will be between two men, so we're not exactly sure how to manage this particular tradition. H says that this means she can kiss anyone she wants, but that seems backwards. It seems clear that I'll be the one able to kiss anyone I want. In any case, we feel confident that we can manage if we just do as the Århusians are doing.

The wedding will be next Saturday, but I'll be heading over to Århus early. I've managed to finagle myself a spot as a guest interviewer for the incoming class at the KaosPilot school. Details are a bit sketchy at this point, but I intend to enjoy myself pretty much no matter what. Once I've finished, I'll post reflections and commentary over at my professional blog. Don't miss it!

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