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Monday, April 09, 2007

We're not in Kansas anymore

No, indeed! We're in Malmö, Sweden. "Where's Malmö?" you ask. Well, it's polite of you to try and draw me into conversation with your questions, but you don't have to pretend to ignorance on my account. Everyone knows that everyone knows where Malmö is.

Here. Malmö is right here. As everyone knows.

And a good thing, too, that everyone (including us!) knows where Malmö is, since we had rather a disorienting experience recently. We were actually enjoying ourselves immensely in Copenhagen when a great tornado swept down out of the Nordic sky and transported us non-stop to Sweden's third largest city.

The "Turning Torso" has become one of Malmö's signature buildings (read: BSS).

OK, OK, so we actually planned the trip to Malmö. As it turns out, H has an internet friend of hers, GS--an Australian man with whom she's played online Scrabble (watch out--it's a really weird site) for years, but had never met in person--who lives here with his lovely wife SN and adorable baby girl C. On our way back to Stockholm from Copenhagen, we joined them for GS's birthday/Easter brunch this past Sunday and had ourselves a raucous good time. Well, in all honesty we weren't all that raucous, but we did eat a lot of bacon.

H and I have rarely met a warmer group of people. And they're Swedes. So much for stereotypes.

The weather has become rainy, so we don't expect to get out much today or tomorrow. Hopefully, though, we'll be able to see at least a little of this compact city. All the natives seem to love it, and there are few better recommendations.

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